You have a choice of warm wax containing aloe and cucumber giving a refreshing aroma and resulting in deliciously smooth results( Suitable for legs, arms and face) or our Brazilian hot film wax for use on sensitive intimate areas.

Our team will ensure your waxing experience is as thorough and pain free as possible by using one or a combination of both types of wax; all highly trained and experienced to advise on aftercare in order to keep your skin smooth and silky.

Please be aware if you are using any product which contains Retinol you must refer to the manufacturers warnings before any waxing procedures. Retinol can cause thinning of the skin and may cause adverse reactions especially when waxing facial areas. Please be sure to tell your therapist if you are using any products containing this.


½ Legwax


¾ Leg wax


Full Leg Wax



General Bikini











Full Arm


½ Arm


Facial Wax

Lip or Chin


Lip and Chin




Combination Deals

Legs + Bikini


Full Leg and general bikini

Legs + G-String


Full Leg and G-String

Legs + Brazilian


Full Leg and Brazilian

Legs + Hollywood


Full Leg and Hollywood