Jessica : Check out my eyebrows – a relaxing experience and a great outcome. I will now be enjoying my Christmas knowing my eyebrows are sorted. Eyebrows are so individual which means working with the natural shape is so important. Using a combination of waxing and then tweezers to pluck any stray hairs ensures the skin does not get too hypersensitive. 

Ayesha : Had the most amazing massage to get rid of all those knots that were making my back and neck so tense. I re booked the next week to  have another massage. Massage is a perfect way to help relax those tense muscles. Working on individual muscles to identify which ones need extra pressure ensures that the treatment is perfectly catered to what is needed and helps to relieve tension in the right places.

Angela : Loved my Indian Head Massage 5 stars. Will definitely be booking again because it did  help with my tension and stress levels. I found it sooo relaxing! This massage not only works the back but also the scalp where a lot of tension can build up. Working the muscles using a combination of kneading and pressure points helps to relax the muscles therefore flushing out toxins into the body.  The benefits can be felt immediately and will last for much longer.

Parmprite: Had my IPL laser hair removal done and found it relatively painless. Have decided to finish my course and then start my bikini area. All goodThe laser hair removal has proven to reduce unwanted hair in as many as four treatments although a course of six is recommended. It uses several low frequencies to provide a comfortable heat on the skin causing a slight sunburn effect for a few days. Having done it one area, customers frequently book in for treatment on another problem area.

Azana: Always come here for my treatments. Have had so many compliments on my eyebrows because they always look so perfect. Even my mum has started getting her eyebrows done. All treatments are performed to a high standard by qualified staff and all customers are asked what they need to provide the perfect experience.

Jodie:Because I have the most amazing facials at Serenity even my boyfriend wants to experience them. Bookings for male customers can be made by existing customers for any of the services available ( not intimate waxing)

Beth: Great treatments and services. Lovely welcome every time I visit Serenity thanks!As always all staff endeavour to make every visit an experience ensuring the customer leaves totally satisfied. Our motto ‘Be the best’

Nicky: Had a lovely back, neck and shoulder massage as well as an hour facial which left my skin glowing. Made me feel very relaxed and at ease. Am going back to have their new hair removal treatment. As well as the traditional beauty treatments, please do check out the alternative therapies and services that might be of interest. IPL laser hair removal is an alternative to waxing and provides a permanent hair removal service.